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Sulzer 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines and air compressors

Our product range is cross-market-oriented

ENEX is your independent spare parts stockist with its own warehouse for the segment of Sulzer 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines and air compressors.

In this area, we have almost everything our customers might require, from the smallest O-ring to the cylinder cover, in stock in our warehouse in Hamburg.

Furthermore, we realise projects in the area of building and maintaining power plant engines, for which we have an extended range of spare parts on stock.

Here, the quality of our spare parts matches the high requirements of the engine manufacturers. Our business partner’s complex business segments confirm this.

Enex Product Range

Engine type
RND 68 / 68M
RND 76 / 76M
RND 90 / 90M

RTA 52 / 52 U
RTA 58 / 58 TB
RTA 62 / 62 U
RTA 72 / 72 U
Sulzer engines
BAH 22
AL 20-24
AL 25-30
AV 25-30
ASL 25-30
ASV 25-30
ATL 25-30
Sulzer engines
ZAL 40
ZAV 40
ZAL 40 S
ZAV 40 S
ZL 40-48
ZV 40-48
Engine type

L 32-40
V 32-40
ASL 25-30
ASV 25-30

Quality for every Purpose

All spare parts we distribute are based on the quality standards of the original manufacturer. This also applies to spare parts produced by licensees as well as those parts we manufacture based on the original drawing.

However, our customers also require spare parts for engines with less operating hours, which have different quality requirements. Hence we have extended our product range to include a B-class category in addition to the A-class category. The products in the B-class category are significantly different with regards to the number of achievable service hours and the resulting price level.

Sometimes there is no alternative to OEM quality, for example, for the coating of the top ring of a working piston commonly used today.
Increasing firing pressures, decreasing heavy oil qualities and the demand for longer service times of piston rings finally lead to chrome ceramic coating. This coating of the top ring proved so successful for 4-stroke engines that more and more 2-stroke engines are shipped with top rings of this coating type nowadays. After more than 30 years in this business, ENEX has acquired a good basis for evaluating OEM suppliers as well as other suppliers.

piston ring ceramic

Our Company

ENEX Marine Industry Equipment
There have been massive changes in the communication sector since the ENEX GmbH was founded in 1972.

Due to globalization and the modern means of communication the world operates at an enormous speed.

Services and products must be available around the clock. Today's challenge for ship’s crew, forwarders and suppliers are very demanding: 40 years ago vessel you could expect days and weeks lay for unloading and loading. Today the time on the pier is calculated in hours.
"Hand-in-hand": In close co-operation with experienced forwarders and trusted suppliers we work on short time frames from an order intake until the delivery. To make this possible we have been certified by the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautic as an "Known Consignor". Regardless if it is a remote location or one of the centrals hubs: You can be sure thart your spare part delivery will reach you reliably.

We will be glad to participate together with you in this changing market development and to offer you our service of over 40 years of experience in the maritime industry.

Service and Quality are our Drive

"Our customers know what we can do"
Why can a trading house survive competition with manufacturers?

It cannot only survive, it is even promoted by the engine builders. Which large corporation can provide the same level of service and flexibilty that a small enterprise can offer their clients?

Service is very important to us. Our maxim is to convince through perfomance. We guarantee the quick delivery when we receive an order.

Apart from saving in expensive lay times, the customer also profits from having a competent contact person, who handles the transaction quickly, economically and reliably according to the customer's instructions.
Air Compressor Cegielski

How to reach us

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Telefon: +49 (0)40 54 72 16-0
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